Business and Management Selected Publications


“The Power to Convene:  The Firm as Collaborative Community,” with Mark Bonchek, in The Firm as a Collaborative Community:  Reconstructing Trust in the Knowledge Economy, ed. by Charles Heckscher and Paul S. Adler, Oxford University Press, 2006.


Strategic Workforce Engagement:  Designing the Behavior of Organizations for Competitive Advantage,” with Yves Morieux, BCG Discussion Paper, The Boston Consulting Group (September, 2000).

Knowledge-Based Competition:  Closing the Gap Between Strategy and Knowledge Management,” with Michael Halbherr, BCG Working Paper, The Boston Consulting Group (December 1999).


The CEO as Organizational Architect:  An Interview with Xerox’s Paul Allaire,” Harvard Business Review (September-October, 1992).

Values Make the Company:  An Interview with Robert Haas,” Harvard Business Review (September-October, 1990).

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